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lorigrrl's Journal

agriculture, alpacas, alternative economic systems, alternatives to petroleum, alternatives to plastic, artistic people, asheville, attics, autumn, awe and wonder, bamboo cutlery, banana trees, bartering, beignets, better than ezra, blair, cacti, cat colonies, chomsky, civil disobedience, civil liberties, coffee, collecting baby jesus, communal living, community supported agriculture, compassion, compersion, cooking, crater lake national park, crazy hands, dancing in the rain, detroit, dharma, diy, earthships, eccentricity, economic justice, environmentalism, epiphanies, ethics, ethnic food, existential crises, fair trade, farmers markets, feminism, fingerpaint, flint, found objects, free spirits, fresh air, friends as family, grandfather mountain, grassroots activism, growth, gypsies, hallucinogens, harmonicas, hindi, howard zinn, innocence, joe hill, johnson city, jon stewart, juicing, laughter, lavender, lemony snicket, lesbians, life, life as art, locavore, love., magnetic poetry, mango lassi, meditation, men, meowing at cats, mind altering experiences, moments of zen, mountains, nectarines, new orleans, nostalgia, not wearing shoes, npr, olympia, openness, pablo neruda, pajamas, passion, past life regression, permaculture, philotes, pilates reformers, pink flamingos, plantains, politics, quacks, queerness, questioning religion, questioning science, recycling, renewable energy, road trips, russian, scrabble, self acceptance, sharing, sleeping in closets, social justice, social work, socialists, sociology, solidarity, spring, station wagons, subversiveness, succulents, sustainable living, tattoos, technology in moderation, tennessee, the acoustic coffeehouse, the corporation, the daily show, the smell of kerosene, thrifting, transfolk, trees, turquoise, upcycling, utah phillips, vandana shiva, veg*n, vermicomposting, vfd, voluntary simplicity, washington state, wilco, wildflowers, words, writing, you., your heart breaks