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Lately I have been trying to use Facebook like a blog. See, they should never have made it possible to write such long posts. Apparently I feel like I need an audience... I don't know. I just need a place to type my feelings. I'm not purposefully trying to weird everyone out with the particulars of my life. I mean, a lot of the people who are my friends on Facebook "friended" me because of volunteer work that I was doing... now I'm just some chick who seems like a basketcase a lot... but I love them so much for sticking around. It's so nice to have "friends" that turn in to actual friends. Unfortunately, I don't think my personal Facebook can work as an organizing tool anymore. Oh well. 

Random fact: According to some random statistic quoted by my public speaking prof, the average person writes words on actual paper once every 41 days. That's kind of sad. I hope it isn't accurate. I do find that I think totally differently on paper. So, sometimes I have to write words on paper. I don't do that nearly often enough. I can tell because my handwriting is starting to look ridiculous.

So, today I filed my application for Teach for America. I'm not sure how I feel about the program... but I love helping people learn things and I love Detroit... So, we'll see. There has been so much change in my life over the last little while that, in all honesty, I think I want to stay in Detroit for a while if I can... I need to build a firm foundation... but then, I could be able to do that between now and graduation. There's just so much uncertainty. I think subconsciously I keep feeling like if I don't go overseas, that door closes. In some cases, that's true. Many countries don't take teachers much older than I am right now... but then, maybe I'm not supposed to teach there then. I don't have to teach. Actually, I'm really excited about some other opportunities that I'm not really going to talk about just yet... but anyway... I've been so busy living in the future and in the past. I'm just really happy to be here right now. I might just stay here, I like it so much... but I don't know. Right now I'm not making decisions. I'm just working on what needs to be done at this moment and believing with all of my being that I will end up where I am supposed to be. If that's Central Europe, awesome. If that's Peru, that's cool too. If that's Eastern Michigan, I'll be happy as a clam. I believe things are going in the right direction. That's all I really care about right now. 

Yeah, so.... dating... wow, dating is weird. I still feel clumsy and awkward... but I'm having fun and I feel really good about it. I was supposed to go out with this really awesome girl last weekend but something came up. We'll see. I'm quickly learning that there are really awesome people who think I am also really awesome. Even with all the things life throws my way, I am so incredibly thrilled to be me right now. I love my life. 

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